Awards & Honours.

May, 2018 – Freeplay Independent Games Festival Finalist for the Micro-Game Award, for “Detachment“.
February, 2018 – Play By Play International Games Festival New Zealand, Judging Committee.
April, 2017 – MCV Pacific Finalist for the Campaigner Award.
April, 2017 – MCV Pacific Top 30 Women in Games ‘Game Changers’ List.
February, 2017 – Play By Play International Games Festival New Zealand, Judging Committee.
September, 2016 – Simulation Australasia, Serious Games Showcase & Challenge, Judging Committee.
May, 2016 – MCV Pacific Top 100 Women in Games Award, 2016.
February, 2014 – University of Sunshine Coast Pro Vice Chancellors PhD Scholarship.

Peer-Reviewed Publications.

Cocks, J. (2017) “Synthesising Behaviour Change Theory with Game Design Practice.” Paper presented at the CHI Play 2017 workshop “Games for the Assessment and Treatment of Mental Health”, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Rogerson, M.J., & Cocks, J. (2017) “F**king with Psychology: Psychological tests as boardgame design inspiration.” Paper presented at DiGRA 2017, Melbourne, Australia.

Furber, G., Segal, L., Leach, M., & Cocks, J. (2013) “Mapping scores from the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) to preference-based utility values.” Quality of Life Research, 23(2).

Cocks, J., Van Hooff, M., McFarlane, A. (2012) “Predicting Resilience and Recovery: Examining the trajectories of adaptive mental health outcomes following a major Australian bushfire.” Presented at the 17th Australasian Conference on Traumatic Stress, Perth, WA Australia.

Cocks, J., Van Hooff, M., McFarlane, A. (2011) “Investigating the relationship between resilience and post traumatic stress disorder in adults exposed to a natural disaster as children: A 20-year longitudinal follow-up .” Presented at the ISTSS 27th Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland USA.

Cocks, J. (2007) “iLearn, or Do I?: Effects of Music Delivery Mode on Cognitive Performance for Introverts and Extraverts.” (Psychology Honours Thesis – please contact me if you would like the full text)

Academic Conference Presentations.

Cocks, J. (2016) “Behaviour Change and Narrative Immersion.” Presentation at the Play Interactivity Games Symposium (PIGSTY Symposium) at The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.

Cocks, J. (2016) “Persuasive Games and Positive Change: Synthesising psychology, ludology and narratology.” Presentation at the Persuasive Gaming in Context Mini-Conference, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Industry Panels & Presentations.

October, 2017 – PAX Panel: Geek Parenting.
October, 2017 – PAX Panel: Doing You A Fright: The Modern Era Of Horror Games.
September, 2017 – Open State: Virtual Or Real Nature: The Changing Face Of Therapy.
November, 2016 – Art + Game Enquiry: Where Theatre, Games and Social Change meet.
November, 2016 – PAX Panel: Playing on Hard Mode: The Psychology of Dark Souls.
November, 2016 – PAX Panel: Digital Renegade, Real Life Paragon: Ethical Choices in Games.
November, 2016 – PAX Panel: More Than A Game: Playing for Mental Health & Connection.
November, 2016 – PAX Panel: The Psychology of Magic the Gathering: Playing Positively.
November, 2016 – PAX Panel: Geek Parenting.
July, 2016 – AVCon Panel: Reaching Out with ReachOut: Mental Health and Technology.
April, 2016 – COMIC-CON Panel: The Psychology of Magic the Gathering.
February, 2016 – GX PANEL: More Than A Game: Playing for Identity and Connection.
October, 2015 – PAX PANEL: The Anatomy of a Story: Making Meaning & Interactive Narrative.
October, 2015 – PAX PANEL: Sick Heroes: Exploring Representations of Illness in Games.
October, 2015 – PAX PANEL: Geek Parenting: Cool Things To Do & Play.
October, 2015 – GCAP PANEL: The Anatomy of a Story: Making Meaning & Interactive Narrative.
July, 2015 – AVCON PANEL: More Than A Game: Playing for Mental Health & Wellbeing.
November, 2014 – PAX PANEL: Let’s get Serious: Games are changing, get involved!
November, 2014 – GCAP PANEL: Change Makers: Exploring The Keys To Making Games That Create Change.

Written Works.

December, 2017 – Medium: What I Would Tell You About Coping And Self-Care.
April, 2017 – CheckPoint: SANE’s Groundbreaking App Detects Early Onset Of Mania.
April, 2017 – CheckPoint: The Interactive Meditation App That Makes You Sway.
April, 2017 – CheckPoint: The Search for Good Mental Health Apps.
December, 2016 – CheckPoint: Selfcare Jam Games That Make Us Happy.
November, 2016 – CheckPoint: Asylum Jam: Escaping the Stigma.
November, 2016 – CheckPoint: Check In With Yourself.
September, 2016 – CheckPoint: Mobile Mindfulness.
September, 2106 – CheckPoint: Super Mario Brothers & Sisters.
August, 2016 – CheckPoint: Gaming and Grades – what’s the verdict?
August, 2016 – CheckPoint: Going With The Flowy.
August, 2016 – CheckPoint: Power-Up a SuperBetter Life.
July, 2016 – CheckPoint: Becoming Mentally Fit with ReachOut Orb.
July, 2016 – CheckPoint: Playing with Emotion.
July, 2016 – CheckPoint: Let’s Talk about Brain Training. Using Portal 2.
July, 2016 – CheckPoint: Video Games, Distraction, and Anxiety Reduction.
July, 2016 – CheckPoint: Can Video Games Treat Depression?
July, 2016 – CheckPoint: Are Video Games Beneficial?
July, 2016 – CheckPoint: The Positivity of Pokemon GO.
March, 2016 – Medium: Let’s Stop Saying Good Luck.
February, 2016 – PlayWrite: Degrees of Connection.
November, 2015 – PlayWrite: Want to Make Games? Here’s Some Free Tools!
October, 2015 – PlayWrite: It was Miss Scarlett! In the Conservatory! With the Candlestick!

Media & Podcasts.

June, 2017 – MCV Pacific: Jane Cocks steps down from CheckPoint.
April, 2017 – MCV Pacific: The 2017 Women In Games Awards Finalists.
April, 2017 – MCV Pacific: The 2017 MCV Pacific Women in Games List, The Game Changers.
February, 2017 – MCV Pacific: Play By Play announces 2017 Awards Jury.
November, 2016 – Geek Girl Authority: Checking In With CheckPoint.
November, 2016 – Meld Magazine: It’s Dangerous To Go Alone, Interview.
September, 2016 – ChickQuest: Games Industry Profile & Interview.
August, 2016 – D1DLC Podcast: Episode 25: Mind Games.
July, 2016 – Pixel Sift Podcast: Episode 41: Interview with Jane Cocks, Politics in Games, and The Money of eSports.
July, 2016 – MCV Pacific: CheckPoint Organisation Launches.
June, 2016 – The Lead SA: Play Your Way to Better Health.
May, 2016 – MCV Pacific: Top 100 Women in Games Profile.
April, 2016 – MCV Pacific: The 2016 MCV Pacific Women In Games List.

Current Projects On The Table.

Mapping the Matrix of Interactive Narrative and Behaviour Change Theory and Practice.
Playing for Impact: Exploring the Psychological and Behavioural Impact of Games and Interactive Narratives on Players.
Psychological Audit for Behaviour Change Game Design (NDA).

Future Projects In The Pipeline.

Designing for change: A qualitative analysis from an expert developers perspective about design decisions involved in creating interactive narratives for change.
An interactive framework for designing interactive narratives for change: a guide for game developers.
Evaluating an interactive framework for designing interactive narratives for change.

Let’s Work Together.


Need expertise on the intersection of Psychology and Games? I can provide a wide range of consulting services to suit your particular project or need. Get in touch and let’s see how we can work together!