It was with a heavy yet hopeful heart that I recently made the decision to part ways with CheckPoint. It has been an amazing year (CheckPoint has just turned 1!), and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of it right from the very beginning. I’m so excited for its future with Jennifer’s amazing leadership.

As part of my role, I feel incredibly honoured to have learned so much, and been so involved in the industry in lots of different ways; from presenting at conventions across Australia and New Zealand, assisting with the organisation of our convention wellness activities, managing social media, and probably my biggest contribution, to have had the opportunity to write thousands of words about research that are at the core of the vision; health & games. I gave all my time freely and wholeheartedly, and I wish nothing but the best for its continued growth, success, and positive impact on people’s lives. I’ve seen first hand how important this work is to so many people.

Given the amazing growth and the increasing need for consistently devoted time and energy, it has been necessary for me to do a lot of soul-searching and re-evaluation of my most important priorities. I made the really important decision to do less, so I can do better, with my family, my work, and my study. And in making this decision, I was making room for someone with more time and energy to devote to the job. This is a big win for everyone. (Not gonna lie though, it was an incredibly hard decision for me to make!!)

I wish nothing but love, success and happiness for Jen, and the growing CheckPoint team ~ Congratulations Shelley Xia and Pritika Sachdev!! ~ I know you will all make it a huge success, and I’m excited to watch where you all take it in the future.

Roll on change & growth for everyone!