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PhD Confirmation Milestone

Yesterday I presented my Confirmation presentation to a small audience of supportive friends, and colleagues, and a big scary evaluation panel of incredible academics who actually weren't scary at all. It was a massive day for me, and I'm absolutely thrilled that it was so successful. Here's how confirmation happens. A week ago I submitted a very large slab of writing - 96 pages worth. It represents the first three chapters of my PhD thesis. Next step is to give a

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Goodbye CheckPoint <3

It was with a heavy yet hopeful heart that I recently made the decision to part ways with CheckPoint. It has been an amazing year (CheckPoint has just turned 1!), and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of it right from the very beginning. I'm so excited for its future with Jennifer's amazing leadership. As part of my role, I feel incredibly honoured to have learned so much, and been so involved in

The Importance of Sleep

Here I sit, once again, with a stubborn wakefulness at 5am. No this is not going to be a poem. 'Twill be rather more of a remembrance of a time when I conducted research and wrote about sleep as part of my post-grad position. Just after that time I wrote a guest post on a health blog about the importance of sleep, which is long gone off the internets now. Anyway, I thought I'd share it again here. Mainly to

The Importance Of Stupidity In Scientific Research

A friend recently sent me this paper. I love it. It's the perfect way to reframe the work we do when we conduct research, ask new questions, and formulate new methods. The thing is, we only know how to do it, once we've done it. So the not knowing, and the asking of 'silly' questions is just all part of the process. Here tis, for your reading pleasure.


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