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learn the facts here now I have been dabbling with making games for most of my life. As a child, one of my favourite hobbies was creating boardgames. As a mum, I love creating games with and for my children. Now as a researcher, I am learning about the design and development of games across a variety of mediums with a variety of tools.

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optionsbit I am particularly interested in the power of story, and interactive narratives. As time goes on I hope to add to my collection of games with story based games made with software such as Twine. As I create, I’ll add them here.

conto demo opzioni binarie migliore unico facilita In the meantime, I have a very small collection of games that I have created. Here they are…

Poly Game

more helpful hints This was my first attempt at a video game. It was made in Unity 4, and exported as a webplayer.

click here to read It is a simple ball rolling game. The object of the game is to collect the spinning cubes by moving the ball using either your arrow keys, or WASD keys.

robin hartmann binäre optionen erfahrungen The game was made by following the Unity ‘Roll a Ball’ tutorial with intense focus! You can find the tutorial here.

find out Unfortunately the Unity webplayer does not work in Chrome. Sorry about that! If you are keen to play my little game, you will need to reload this page in another browser. Good luck!

Once Upon A Bot I love Twitter. I particularly love some of the twitter bots that have been created. Some are ridiculous and annoying, sure, but they have always intrigued me, and made me laugh when seemingly random strings of information comes together in unexpectedly delightful ways. Naturally, I have wanted to make one for a while.

look these up When I stumbled upon Zach Whalen’s instructions on how to make a twitter bot using Google Spreadsheets, I simply could not resist!

see this website Once upon a bot uses a Markov-chain algorithm to generate random statements based on a segment of Fairytale text. What results is often nonsense. Occasionally however, the resulting tweets are nothing short of lyrical prose. How fun!

visit this site right here I have embedded the latest few tweets to look at here on this page. But you can check out the account on Twitter over at @OnceUponBot.

investir biz richiesta conto demo *Update: I’ve now discontinued this bot. It was fun while it lasted..?! :)

Mute Hearts This is my first complete twine. And it’s tiny.

opzione binari yutub It is a short interactive poem that was conceived and developed together with Ben Walter as part of a collaborative and creative writing initiative by the Australian Council for the Arts, SA Writers Centre Digital Writer in Residence program.

Read Full Report I have embedded it to play here on this page, but if you have any trouble, it is also available on here.

look here If you would like to learn more about writing interactive narratives with twine, you can do so here.