Goodbye CheckPoint <3

It was with a heavy yet hopeful heart that I recently made the decision to part ways with CheckPoint. It has been an amazing year (CheckPoint has just turned 1!), and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of it right from the very beginning. I'm so excited for

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The Importance of Sleep

Here I sit, once again, with a stubborn wakefulness at 5am. No this is not going to be a poem. 'Twill be rather more of a remembrance of a time when I conducted research and wrote about sleep as part of my post-grad position. Just after that time I wrote a guest post on a

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Year in review – AKA – Things can only get better

But first, some backstory... In 2009, I was enrolled in a PhD program. It was shortlived, well... I completed half of it. I worked hard setting up and running a clinical program, collecting data, and beginning my write up process. After 16 months of candidature, I submitted a preliminary thesis. In review, my co-supervisor said

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Multiple Non-Weird Tricks

Stressed? Disorganised? Wanting ONE WEIRD TRICK to help you fix everything? Sorry, can't help you there. What I can do is tell you a few things that make life a little easier for me to do stuff. And I'm no expert here, just wanting to share :) LISTS: It's not really enough to write a

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More Than A PAX

One week ago today at midday, I was nervously preparing for my first of four panels at PAX. It was the Geek Parenting panel alongside four other inspiring humans that I really admire and respect - Dan Donahoo, Rae Johnston, Craig Peebles and Giselle Rosman. Here's a quick insight into my thought process five minutes before

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First we Play, then we Write

Yesterday, I launched PlayWrite. It is a place for everyone who loves to play games, make games, and think, talk, read and write about games. My idea, at least initially, emerged from my desire to write about games and play and how they can help us to learn and change for the better. A bit like what my

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About My Work

Hi, I’m Jane ~ thanks for visiting!

I am a Researcher of Psychology and Games, and I’m currently undertaking a PhD at the University of the Sunshine Coast conducting research on the intersection of Psychology and Game Design.

What are you working on? I would love to hear from you!

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