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A flash of fiction…

A couple of years ago I used to write regularly, a lot of it was fiction; some of it flash, most of it probably rubbish, but that didn't matter. It was a daily habit, and I really enjoyed it. These days, I do still write every day, but it's either my phd, or personal journalling... I'd

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Game Design Book Club

Yesterday I discovered Liz England's book club - Game Design Book Club - where group members read one book per month on game design and related disciplines. Naturally, I joined instantly. You should too (if this subject area interests you of course :) ). If you would like to connect with Liz, you can visit

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About My Work

Hi, I’m Jane ~ thanks for visiting!

I am a Researcher of Psychology and Games, and I’m currently undertaking a PhD at the University of the Sunshine Coast conducting research on the intersection of Psychology and Game Design.

What are you working on? I would love to hear from you!

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